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Change from PCLaw; There are Six Motives.

Change from PCLaw, Modern solutions are necessary for modern law firms. Having access to every piece of information you need to manage a case is essential in the modern workplace, where an increasing number of lawyers work remotely or in hybrid settings.

Some vendors of server-based LPM software are paying attention. As an illustration, PCLaw, a provider of LPM software that runs on servers, recently contacted users to discuss cloud-based software choices. Despite acknowledging that they wouldn’t be moving their PCLaw or Time Matters solutions to the cloud, PCLaw advised users to switch to LEAP Legal Software, a company that offers hybrid-cloud LPM software. In order to “create a data move that minimizes disturbance to law firms,” the PCLaw team reportedly collaborated with LEAP’s team.

Any switch, though, has its difficulties. Law firms should carefully consider their options before switching LPM software providers to avoid making a mistake. Customers can’t afford to have their experience hampered by software that is sluggish to evolve, has outmoded user interfaces, imprecise pricing, and few client communication tools.

We’ve developed a list of crucial factors below to assist you in making the best choice for your legal practice. Ask the six LPM providers you are thinking about the answers to if you are a legal professional switching from PCLaw or another LPM software to the cloud.

Change from PCLaw
Change from PCLaw

Change from PCLaw, Automated updates, true cloud computing, and more.

Cloud computing is a crucial component of cloud-based law firms’ operations. These systems aid in streamlining case administration, payments, client intake, bookkeeping, and more.

What are the advantages of cloud-based software then? Lawyers work from home, the courthouse, and wherever else in our modern business environment. Users can access their software via a web browser and an internet connection when they use cloud-based software. Keeping a company connected wherever its employees may be. Servers, on the other hand, are an on-premise solution that restricts the amount of work that your personnel may complete outside of the office by tying businesses to a physical office space. Similar to desktop-based applications, it can only be installed and used on a single computer.

Change from PCLaw, True cloud-based software has distinct advantages, as our client Carol Holmes, a former PCLaw client, points out:

“Having been a PCLaw client for far too long, I genuinely appreciate Clio’s quality and usability. I can access all of my data from anywhere with a cloud-based system like Clio! Attorney Carol Holmes of Carol Holmes PC

Be wary that some software vendors claim to offer cloud-based services when they actually offer “hybrid-cloud” services. These companies integrate a desktop system with the cloud, and the two systems talk to one another. A hybrid cloud solution frequently entails that the cloud product has limited capability while the PC-based desktop product has full functionality. In other words, the experience is different between the two versions of the same program. Furthermore, the more systems involved, the more likely it is that there will be problems with data synchronization between the systems. Lawyers are all too aware of how expensive these can be.

Change from PCLaw, No lengthy agreements or secret fees.

Finding an LPM software provider who emphasizes openness and client expansion is essential. Buyers are all too frequently forced to deal with opaque pricing structures or are forced to sign long-term contracts they never intended to.

At Clio, we provide a risk-free trial, clear pricing, and connectivity with other essential apps like Google Workspace and Microsoft 365. Our guiding principle is “Customer Success Comes First,” and we take great satisfaction in offering versatile options that help our customers succeed. With Clio, you may decide whether to sign up for monthly or annual terms, giving you the freedom to end your agreement at any time (though we’re convinced you won’t want to!).

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Change from PCLaw, Unending OS and device compatibility.

For law companies, staying connected is essential, and when staff members work remotely, compatibility is more important than ever. However, there is little compatibility amongst different LPM software vendors. You might not be able to use the software, for instance, on a Mac or mobile device.
Users of Clio may access their software from PCs or Macs, and they can even utilize the Clio Mobile App for Android and iOS to stay connected when they’re on the go. This enables workers to stay productive no matter where they are.

Discover the distinction of client-centeredness.

Few things are more annoying than having to wait for customer service when you have an urgent problem. Clio provides you with the assistance you require when you need it. Mon–Fri, 24 hours a day, our support staff can be reached by phone, chat, or email.

Additionally, Clio gives its clients access to the biggest industry-wide self-serve knowledge source. You may troubleshoot (or advance your Clio knowledge!) on your own time with the help of our more than 12,000 self-serve articles and videos.

Change from PCLaw, Your data is yours to keep.

The choice to export or move your data to another LPM software. Supplier is entirely up to you as things evolve. It’s critical to know that you will be able to effortlessly export. Also access your data if that time ever arrives.

Clio recognizes that businesses may require data exportation for a variety of reasons. And we offer a simple and clear procedure. In order to allow businesses to retrieve and export their data even after terminating our services. Clio will also save your data for 90 days following termination.

Change from PCLaw
Change from PCLaw

Clio is the legal industry’s most advanced operating system.

Since every legal company is unique, its software requirements may alter abruptly. A connected experience for workers and clients requires the ability to scale your software and integrate new solutions.

Change from PCLaw, You have access to more than 200 integrations using Clio’s open application. Programming interface (API), which enables you to grow and integrate tools as necessary. You’ll find everything you need to run the legal practice of your dreams. From well-known brands like Office 365, Google, and Zoom to specialist products.

Clio is an incredibly user-friendly legal office software that makes the task of managing. All of your practice management needs in one easy and handy place. Easy and convenient for me as a former PCLaw subscriber. Tinarwo Law’s principal attorney is Lungile Tinarwo.

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