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How to Request an Accident Report

How to Request an Accident Report? If another person’s negligence resulted in your injuries in an automobile accident in New York City, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your losses. This may also entail lost wages from missed time at work, medical costs, and property damage. You could even be able to file a lawsuit for the agony and suffering you endured as a result of your injuries, depending on the specifics.

However, if your case goes to trial, you will need to present important pieces of evidence to the court or the insurance provider in order to be eligible for this compensation. The accident report is among the most crucial records you’ll need.

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An accident report is what?

How to Request an Accident Report? According to the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law, any traffic collision that results in more than $1,000 in property damage, more than $1,000 in injuries or fatalities, or more than $1,000 in property damage must result in the filing of a motor vehicle accident report. You must file the report on your own within ten days of the collision if no police officer is dispatched to the scene to make one; otherwise, the DMV may suspend your license until they have received it.

The Accident Report: Why Is It Important?

How to Request an Accident Report? The accident report is crucial to your personal injury case because it contains crucial facts and specifics about the collision that the attending officer noted. This comprises:

1. The environment at the accident scene at the time of the collision
2. Statements made by witnesses who were there at the time
3.Information about any laws that might have been broken prior to the disaster and who might have done it.

4. A justification of who the responding police officer determined to be at fault for the accident.

How to Get Your Accident Report in Copy

It is easiest to request a copy of an accident report within the first thirty days after the report’s filing. You have two choices if you want to submit the request within this window of time.

This requires completing the Request for Copy of Collision Record form and delivering it to the precinct in person or by mail. You must be as accurate as you can when completing this form. The necessary data consists of:

1. The name of the car’s operator
2. The name of the car’s proprietor
3. The number on the vehicle’s license plate

4. The incident’s location

Visit to obtain your accident report within the first 30 days of its filing. You must follow the instructions provided by the website in order to fill out the form with the required data. You must provide the same information as before. Within seven days of submitting the request, you will be able to print a copy of the report.

Making a Report Request After 30 Days

The accident report will have been transferred from the precinct to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles if more than 30 days have passed since the accident report was first filed. You can still get the accident report online, but you won’t be able to get it from the precinct where you filed it in person or by mail anymore.

Speak with a New York City auto accident lawyer

A knowledgeable New York City automobile accident lawyer can assist you if you were injured in a collision in the city. The skilled lawyers at Hach & Rose, LLP can assist you in taking all required actions to maximize the compensation you are able to receive in addition to assisting you in obtaining your accident report.

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