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How to Stay Safe on Your Next International Cruise

If you are planning an international cruise, you are probably shopping for pants that will allow room to enjoy the buffet and hats that will protect you from the afternoon sun. You may be planning a tour or two of some of those fascinating places that you will visit. However, it is also important to consider safety.

A cruise ship has about as many people on it as residents in a small town. Theft happens on cruise ships, and so does sexual assault. You will find many things to trip and slip over on a boat, and there have also been several instances of food poisoning. There is even a legal team that has sued Celebrity Cruise Line for a general lack of safety aboard cruise ships in the United States.

Fortunately, there are a few different ways to protect yourself when you are on a cruise. If you follow them, you will reduce your risk of injury or victimization. Even if you follow these steps, you may still suffer an injury. A personal injury attorney specializing in cruise ship law can help you recover money for medical bills and pain and suffering.

There are three main ways to stay safe when you go on a cruise.

1. Do Not Walk Around Alone at Night

Being on a cruise ship can give you a false sense of security. You may think you are safe because you are essentially in a traveling hotel. However, a cruise ship is much bigger than a hotel. The average cruise ship will have around 3000 passengers, and not one of them had to pass a criminal background check before they bought a ticket.

A cruise ship usually has around 1000 workers as well. Although cruise ship employees are normally required to pass a background check, there may be contract workers on the boat that have not been screened. It is also possible that criminals will try to stow away on a ship.

There are many dark hallways and passageways on the average boat. You should always take someone with you when you walk around the ship at night. All kinds of assaults can happen in the dark corners of cruise ships.

If you are on a cruise by yourself, you should take the same precautions that you would take if you were walking around the street at night. Your phone can be a great deterrent against crime. It has a flashlight, and you can download apps that will make a loud noise. If you can get cell phone service, you can call the ship’s security department for help if you need them. You can also carry pepper spray or learn a few simple self-defense moves.

2. Watch Where You are Going

Cruise ships are busy places with a bevy of activities going on at all times. There are shuffleboard tournaments, dance classes, and yoga classes aboard the average cruise ship. There are large buffets with many people who may spill the occasional drink or plate of pasta on the floor.

There are cleaning crews that work around the clock to offer people the level of customer service they are supposed to expect on a cruise line. If they have to clean up a random spill in a hallway, they might forget to put up a sign warning people of a wet floor.

There could also be some construction or repair work going on during your cruise. You should also beware of tools lying about the deck.

If you slip and fall on a cruise, and there were no warning signs around you alerting you of the dangers, you may be able to sue the cruise line for personal injury.

3. Drink responsibly

One unique thing about a cruise vacation is that you do not use paper money or a credit card to buy anything. Some cruises offer all-inclusive fares that include all the food and drink you care to partake of, and other cruises will bill your credit card, but you will not get a bill. This can make alcohol a big temptation.

When you don’t have to pay for drinks, you may end up overindulging. You should limit yourself to the number of drinks you know you can handle, keep your hand over your drink when you are not sipping it, and do not let anyone walk you to your cabin except friends, family, or a security guard.

Going on a cruise should be fun and exciting. A few simple safety precautions can make your trip one that is full of happy memories.

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