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LLP Annual College Scholarship, Hach & Rose Prize Winner for 2022

LLP Annual College Scholarship, We have chosen the recipient of the Hach & Rose, LLP Annual College Scholarship for 2022 after carefully reviewing hundreds of applications. Alexa Bufi is the winner this year.

Below is her winning essay. When something dreadful occurs, it’s like being adrift at sea. Strange emotions keep pouring over you. The current carries you farther away from what you formerly believed to be normal.

On the morning of October 17, 2014, my father, a mason worker. Suffered serious injuries after falling three stories from a crumbling scaffold.

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LLP Annual College Scholarship, The Miracle Of Life.

My father nearly lost his life when the scaffold fell because it was not constructed. Also maintained in a safe manner for its intended function. The fear of dying sank in as he dropped into the seemingly infinite sky. Emergency officials took my father to University Hospital in Newark. New Jersey, where they started treating him for possible head, neck, and spinal injuries.

He had many skull fractures, a loss of consciousness, and wounds that impair his ability to see, hear, and understand. Although it appeared unlikely that my father would make it through the night, he did. God bestowed on him a miracle—the miracle of life—in the aftermath of this unfathomable catastrophe.

My Father is The Pillar of My Family.

LLP Annual College Scholarship, My father required quadruple bypass surgery as a result of the scaffold collapse. He was unable to undergo the quadruple bypass right away due to his body being too fragile. From his pre-existing injuries to undergo anesthesia for fear of not surviving the procedure. After recovering for five months, my father was finally strong enough to undergo surgery. Despite the fact that his prognosis for survival was extremely poor.

I still struggle to describe how I feel when I consider having to lose my father a second time. My father is the pillar of my family and my backbone, so losing him would have meant losing a piece of myself. Dr. Elman informed us that although my father had spent twelve hours in surgery, the recovery process would be difficult.

LLP Annual College Scholarship, Work in Law Since.

My father is the main reason I want to work in law since, on October 17, 2014, something happened that not only changed my life forever but also confirmed that I should continue this line of work. My family has had financial difficulties as a result of my father’s permanent injuries, which have prevented him from returning to work.

I finished Summa Cum Laude with a double major in political science and law and a minor in public administration and leadership development through civic engagement. I want the law to show that everyone is equal and that when someone wrongs someone else, responsibility must be taken. But more than anything, I want to demonstrate how one’s behaviors affect the results they encounter.

LLP Annual College Scholarship, Ambitious Attorney’s Aim.

I have also gained a lot of work experience in addition to studying law and political science classes, which have further solidified my professional choice. I’ve been an intern at the Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office in the Special Victims Unit for more than three years. In order to help the prosecution better prepare for trials, I attended court sessions, gathered information on case law and evidence, and annotated key documents for the prosecution. An ambitious attorney’s aim is to work with prosecutors who achieve in their careers after completing law school.

The Law and Governance (MA), Legal Management Concentration at Montclair State University is an essential step in helping me realize my academic, personal, and professional goals. I really believe I will succeed in this setting, which has a diverse and intellectual student body and demanding courses. We all have something to offer, and living a life of service unexpectedly and enormously widens one’s universe. Of that, I am certain. I would therefore consider it an honor if I were granted the chance to receive the Hach & Rose scholarship.

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