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Signs of Legal Representation/ Warning signs

Signs of Legal Representation, No one ever teaches you how to hire a lawyer, in the words of Dori Foster-Morales.

But how can you tell if the person you hired is the perfect one for your situation? And if you haven’t, what are the cautionary signs?

Signs of Legal Representation, The process of choosing an attorney is like choosing a wedding planner, according to Foster-Morales. A family law attorney and former president of The Florida Bar. Personal injury lawyer Paul Kiesel, a past president of the Los Angeles County Bar Association, compares it to picking a physician. There are a dozen doctors who are just as good as him, he claims. But the one you have to choose is the doctor who you believe has the bedside manner that you are comfortable with.

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Signs of Legal Representation, Communication Is Essential

At the end of the day, lawyers concur, if you can’t communicate with your lawyer, it generally won’t work out. “How that lawyer communicates the solution to you if you have a question—and maybe it’s a silly question—is incredibly essential,” adds Foster-Morales. “You’re with the incorrect legal if you’re reluctant to ask a query of your attorney. It’s not good if you can’t even make a simple mistake during the honeymoon time.

Signs of Legal Representation, Even while Foster-Morales admits that going through a divorce is never comfortable, you shouldn’t start arguing with your lawyer right away. The attorney who won’t butt heads at all is equally terrible.

She advises clients to exercise extreme caution when dealing with an aggressive attorney who doesn’t appear to be offering them advice but rather to be just nodding in agreement. “You just have to have a sense of how realistic and truthful they are being with you. We can all tell when our children are lying to us because we have credibility detectors. You should be suspicious of someone who simply agrees with you.


Signs of Legal Representation
 Signs of Legal Representation

Signs of Legal Representation, Inefficiency and Ignorance

It’s crucial to look at how the attorney’s office is kept, according to corporate attorney and former Illinois State Bar Association president David B. Sosin. “To me, that’s a red flag” he says, “if you walk into the office and there are files everywhere, and the desk is full of papers.”

You should take note of the lawyer’s or law firm’s communication practices before you even meet with them. Foster-Morales states that if they aren’t responding, “I would just presume they’re either too busy or not interested in your issue.”

Signs of Legal Representation, According to Kiesel, the most common issue clients have is that their lawyers don’t communicate with them. There are some outstanding trial attorneys who never contact their clients back. Simply put, it’s not where they thrive and it’s not where they live, according to him. “In my opinion, you need to be clear about your expectations for communication. And you should either find another law firm or have that lawyer or company reflect your level of communication.

Alternating Counsel

Signs of Legal Representation, The majority of lawyers concur that one change of counsel is acceptable throughout a lawsuit. Foster-Morales advises that, at the very least, if you feel uneasy during a trial. You should speak with a different lawyer and give them the lowdown. You occasionally need a second opinion, she claims. Don’t be afraid to let your attorney know that you are feeling uneasy. Ask them if they would recommend getting a second opinion.

According to estate planning lawyer and former New York State Bar Association president Kathryn Grant Madigan, “we always inform clients they should feel free to cancel their representation or not engage the attorney if they believe it’s not a suitable match for them. There is a bond that develops while working with trusts and estates. That is not a one-time thing.

Signs of Legal Representation, “You should change attorneys if a lawyer doesn’t live up to your expectations. As soon as that becomes apparent,” continues Kiesel. “The customer should not be hesitant to change attorneys. If their current law practice is not providing them with the services they need.”

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