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Common Causes of Commercial Truck Accidents


Common Causes of Commercial Truck Accidents: Although semi-trucks are essential to the nation’s economy they can be a serious safety risk on the roads.

Commercial trucks, with an average weight of more than 30,000 pounds, are riskier than vehicles.

Consequently, significant injuries arise from truck accidents, especially those involving other vehicles or passenger automobiles.

How To Make Common Causes Of Commercial Truck Accidents

Fatigue. Commercial truck drivers face significant pressure to travel large distances.

Every day with limited opportunity for rest despite laws on the trucking business.

Because of this, motorists frequently experience fatigue while operating a vehicle, which can result in concentration problems.

Sluggish responses to road conditions, or even driving-related sleepiness, all of which increase the risk of major collisions.

In fact, the American National Transportation Safety Board calculated that contributing factor in 20–40% of truck accidents.

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Don’t Believe Common Reasons For Commercial Truck Accidents

Distracted driving Commercial truck drivers are prone to a variety of distractions that might impair safe driving, including checking their phones, adjusting the GPS, eating, or switching radio stations.

A driver’s eyes leaving the road, even for a few moment, can spell tragedy, especially in a “big rig.”

inadequate maintenance and training. The responsibility for ensuring that drivers are properly trained to operate trucks safely.

Additionally, businesses must have policies in place for keeping up-to-date vehicle maintenance and checking each truck before it travels.

Accidents caused by inadequate driver training or poor vehicle maintenance may be the responsibility of the trucking industry.

Consuming Alcohol While Driving

consuming alcohol while driving Although it might seem that professional truck drivers would be less likely to operate a vehicle.

While impaired by drugs or alcohol, a startlingly high percentage have admitted to doing so.

According to an analysis of 36 studies on truck drivers from the US and other countries, up to 30% of them admitted to using amphetamines at work.

20% admitted to using marijuana, and a startling 50% admitted to driving drunk.

An impaired driver can cause terrible consequences when added to the other dangers that come with trucking.

It is possible to hold the driver of a commercial truck. The business that owns or operates the vehicle, the truck’s manufacturer, or the mechanic in charge of maintenance accountable for accidents that result in the harm or death of another driver.

Working with a skilled personal injury lawyer is essential if you were injured in an accident because they can help you determine the responsible parties and maximize the damages to which you may be entitled.


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