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Alarming Facts About Sexual Abuse in Youth Sports

Sexual Abuse in Youth Sports, Youth sports participation has been associated with a number of compelling advantages. Such as for kids, including promoting better physical health and preventing obesity. Fostering stronger social skills, lowering anxiety and depression, and enhancing academic achievement. Unfortunately, teenage athletes are occasionally the targets of abuse. Including sexual abuse. In fact, the particular environment of youth sports may be particularly susceptible to abuse. And given the intimate and trusting ties that grow between children and their coaches.

Research by Childhelp’s Speak Up Be Safe for Athletes project revealed some shocking statistics about sexual assault in young athletes’ sports:

  1. Young athletes may have experienced sexual abuse in the range of 2–8%. Abuse, however, probably goes mostly unreported.
  2. Ninety percent of victims of child sexual abuse have some kind of relationship with the perpetrator.
  3. According to study, 40–50% of young athletes have experienced some form of mistreatment, which can range from little teasing to severe abuse.
  4. Sexual assault can happen in all sports, at all educational levels, and regardless of a person’s gender, social status, religious beliefs, or ethnic or cultural background.

Sexual Abuse in Youth Sports, More than one in four college athletes reported having experienced sexual harassment. Also assault by a person in a position of power on campus. According to a second study commissioned by Lauren’s Kids, a South Florida-based nonprofit organization. That aims to educate adults and kids about sexual abuse prevention. Nearly half of these sportsmen also expressed concern about the perpetrator taking revenge on them.

Sexual Abuse in Youth Sports /Warning Signs of Sexual Abuse

Sexual Abuse in Youth Sports, It can be challenging for parents of kids who play sports to determine whether their kids have experienced abuse because many children are afraid or ashamed to speak up. However, the following cautionary indicators can suggest that abuse is taking place:

  1. Missing exercises
  2. Loss of enthusiasm for the game
  3. Reduced academic performance
  4. Withdrawal from family and friends
  5. Altered eating patterns
  6. Physical ailment or mysterious injuries
  7. Mood swings, including newly manifested signs of anxiety or depression

Sexual Abuse in Youth Sports, If you find yourself in the painful situation of fearing. that a coach, trainer, or other respected adult within a youth sports group has harmed your child. It can be difficult to know where to turn. Consulting a lawyer with expertise in managing the delicate subject of sexual abuse is a good starting step. Our staff at Leighton Law has the knowledge and the understanding required to help abuse victims. Also their families navigate the difficult process of bringing civil lawsuits against the offenders.

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